History of the Coins and Tokens of Canada - 1894

Description of Paper Money of Private issues.

Dobie & Badgeley			           Montreal, May 1790,
15 et 30 sols; un ecu; six livres.
Benjamin De Wolff				  Windsor, N. S. 1820,
½ dollar.
W. Gittinear				               Prescott, 1814,
3 pence.
M. Wallace, treasury note		       Halifax, Sept. 5, 1820,
2.00 in gold or province notes.
Archambeault et al			    L'Assomption, 8 July 1837,
30 sous.
W. & J. Bell				      Perth, Ont., Sept, 1837,
6, 7 3/4 and 12 pence; 1/4 and 1/2 dollar.
D. Berthelet				       Lachenaic, 9 aout 1837,
20 sous.
j. Bistodeau 				   St. Hyacinthe, 8 Aug. 1837,
10 sous.
J. B. Cadieux			 La Pointe-aux-Trembles, 20 June 1837,
6, 12, 15, 24 et 30 sous; un ecu.
Cuvillier & Sons	 		       Montreal, 10 July 1837,
6, 12, 15, 24 et 30 sous; un ecu.
					        Montreal, 2 Jan. 1838,
1, 2 et 5 piastres.
Baptiste Clement		      Riviere du Chaine, 26 Aug. 1837,
20 et 30 sous un ecu.
WM.Nelson & Cie.,(Distillerie St. Denis)      St. Denis, 22 July 1837,
6, 10, 15, 30 et 6o sous.
Elie Desmarais			        Riviere du Loup, 21 Oct. 1837,
15 sous
Ignace Dumouchel.			   	  Rigaud, 2 Aug. 1837,
6, 12, 15, 20, 30 et 6c sous.
Etier & Uneau				         St. Lin, 2 Aug. 1837,
12 sous.
M. Hart				          Three Rivers, Oct. 1st 1837,
20 pence; 1/2 dollar.
Ant. Hebert				         Nicolet, 4 Nov. 1837,
Un ecu.
William Leclair			        St. Eustache, 28 juillet 1837,
15 sous.
Wm. Morrison 				    Berthier, 4 novembre 1837,
30 sous.
D. Massue				    Beauharnois, 30 Aug. 1837,
6o sous.
Thos. & Wm. Molson			       Montreal, 20 July 1837,
10 et 30 sous; 3 francs.
Felix Plante				     St. Charles, 9 Aug. 1837,
6, 12, 15, 20, 30 et 60 sous.
Francois Plante			       		Laprairie, Sept. 1837,
60 sous.
A. J. Pratt			    	 Trois Rivieres, 6 Sept. 1837,
12 sous.
James Watts & Co			     St. Benoit, 25 July 1837,
60 sous.
Boucherville 							 1837,
15 et 30 sous.
Banque de Quebec 				    Quebec, June 1837,
12 sous. 30 sous; un ecu.
Cie. de St. Cesaire				    St. Cesaire, 1837,
Jos. T. Drolet					       St. Marc, 1837,
Louis Landry				 			 1837,
30 sous.
E. & D. Mappin					    Beauharnois, 1837,
Alexis-Edouard Montmarquet					 1837,
15 et 30 SOUS; un ecu.
Francois Penard					       Montreal, 1837,
					St. Hilaire de Rouville, 1837,
Charles Bowman					     Bowmanville, Ont,
7 1/2 pence.
Blanchard & Wales				     St. Andrews, Que,
W. Baker				     Bytown, March 12th, 1838,
3 and 6 pence.
Neil Doherty				         Rawdon, 16 Feb. 1838,
1/2 pence.
B. Joliette		          St. Paul de Lavaltrie, 20 Nov. 1833,
12 et 30 sous; un ecu.
Ed. Methot 		         Ste. Anne de la Perade, 18 Jan. 1838,
12 sous; 2 ½ chelins.
Neil Stewart				       Hawkesbury, Ont., 1838,
7 ½ and 15 pence.
David Smart 	 	  		      Port Hope, 21 mars 1839,
¼ dollar.
Watkins & Harris, 68 King St., Toronto, Ont.,13 July and 25 Oct. 1839,
7 ½, 15 and 30 pence.

Banks and other Institutions who have issued Bills.

Canada Bank				Montreal, 10th August 1792,
5 shillings.
Canada Bank			 	Montreal,
Larger size of notes.
Bank of Canada				Montreal,
Champlain and St. Lawrence Railroad	Montreal, ier aout 1837,
15 et 30 sous; un ecu.
Henry's Bank				Laprairie, 27 juin 1837,
30 sous; on ecu; 1, 2, 5 et 10 piastres.
Hart's Bank				Three Rivers, 20th April 1838,
1 and 3 dollars.
Mechanic Bank			 	Montreal, 1st June 1837,
5 dollars.
Mechanic Bank of St. Johns (T.& G. Cherry) St.Johns,P.Q.,2nd Nov.1837,
1 dollar.
Midland District Canada or Bank of Three Rivers,
1 dollar and £5.00
Moisic Iron Company			Moisic, P. Que.,
One cent bill and 1, 3, 5 and 10 cent cards.
Union Bank				Montreal, 1836-38.
Banque Canadienne		 	St. Hyacinthe, 23 aout 1838,
1 et 2 piastres
La Banque de Boucherville			Boucherville,
L. Guimond, Caissier; D. Laurent, President.
1 piastre.
Hunterstown Lumber Co			Hunterstown, P. Que., 1865-75,
5, 10, 25, 50 cents; 1, 2 and 5 dollars.
Niagara Harbour and Dock Co		Niagara, 1840,
2 dollars.
Agricultural Bank of Upper Canada	Toronto, Ont.
For Messrs. Truscott, Green & Co.
Banque de la Cite			Montreal,
British Canadian Bank			Toronto, Ont.
Bank of Clifton,
Bank of Western Canada	 		Clifton,
Bank of Prince Edward Island	 	Charlottetown,
Bank of Lower Canada	 		Quebec,
Bank of the People 			Toronto,
Bank of Niagara	 			Niagara,
Bank of Brantford	 		Brantford,
Bank of Commerce,
Bank of Halifax,
Bank of Liverpool			Liverpool, N. S.
Bank of Acadia				Liverpool, N. S.
Charlotte County Bank			St. Andrews, N. B.
Colonial Bank of Canada			Toronto,
City Bank				Montreal,
Central Bank of New Brunswick		Fredericton, N. B.
Commercial Bank of New Brunswick	St. John, N. B.
Commercial Bank of Fort Erie
Commercial Bank of Montreal (for John E. Mills & Co)
Montreal, 1836
Commercial Bank of Canada	 	Hamilton or Kingston,
Commercial Bank of Midland District 	Kingston, U. C.
Central Bank of Canada			Toronto,
Consolidated Bank of Canada	 	Montreal,
Exchange Company of Chippewa		Upper Canada,
Exchange Bank of Toronto		Toronto, Ont.
Exchange Bank of Montreal
Farmer's Joint Stock Bank		Toronto, Ont.
Farmer's Bank of Toronto
Federal Bank of Canada 			Toronto, Ont.
Gore Bank				Hamilton,
Huntingdon County, Bank			Huntingdon, Que.
International Bank of Canada		Toronto, Ont.
Merchants Bank of Upper Canada		Toronto, Ont.
Maritime Bank				St. John N. B.
Mechanics Bank				Montreal,
Metropolitan Bank			Montreal,
Niagara District Bank			St. Catharines, Ont.
Provincial Bank of Canada		Stanstead,
Royal Canadian Bank 			Montreal,
Superior Bank
Stadacona Bank				Quebec,
Union Bank of Prince Edward Island	Charlottetown,
Westmoreland Bank of N. B		Moncton, N. B.
Zimmerman Bank	 			Niagara,
Pictou Bank
Farmers' Bank of Rustico		Rustico, P.E.I.,

List of the Banks and Institutions of which the Bills are good.
(Subject to corrections.)

Bank of Montreal			Montreal, Que., Estab. 1817.
Bank of Toronto				Toronto, Ont.
Bank of British North America		Montreal, Que.
Bank of Ottawa				Ottawa, Ont.
Bank of London				London, Ont.(bills redeemed)
Bank of Hamilton			Hamilton, Ont.
Bank of Nova Scotia			Halifax, N. S.
Bank of Yarmouth			Yarmouth, N. S.
Bank of New Brunswick			St. John, N. B.
Bank of British Columbia		Victoria, B. C.
Banque du Peuple			Montreal, Que.
Banque Ville-Marie			Montreal, Que.
Banque Jacques-Cartier			Montreal, Que.
Banque Hochelaga			Montreal, Que.
Banque Nationale			Quebec; Que.
Banque de St. Hyacinthe			St. Hyacinthe, Que.
Banque St. Jean				St. Jean, Que.
Banque des Iles St. Pierre et Miquelon	St. Pierre Miquelon.
Commercial Bank of Newfoundland		St. John's, Newfoundland.
Commercial Bank of Windsor		Windsor, N. S.
Commercial Bank of Manitoba		Winnipeg, Man.(bills redeemed)
Canadian Bank of Commerce		Toronto, Ont.
Dominion Bank				Toronto, Ont.
Dominion of Canada,
Exchange Bank of Yarmouth		Yarmouth, N. S.
Eastern Townships Bank			Sherbrooke, Que.
Halifax Banking Company			Halifax, Nova Scotia,
Hudson's Bay Co. (issued at York Factory 1 May 1870; 1 & 5 shillings)
Imperial Bank of Canada			Toronto, Ont.
Merchants Bank of Prince Edward Island 	Charlottetown,
Merchants Bank of Halifax	 	Halifax, N. S.
Merchants Bank of Canada		Montreal, Que.
Molsons Bank				Montreal, Que.
Ontario Bank			 	Toronto, Ont.
Peoples Bank of New Brunswick		Fredericton, N. B.
Peoples Bank of Halifax			Halifax, N. S.
Province of Canada,
Quebec Bank				Quebec, Que.
Summerside Bank of Prince Edward Island.
St. Stephens Bank			St. Stephen, N. B.
Standard Bank.				Toronto,
Traders Bank of Canada			Toronto, Ont.
Union Bank of Lower Canada		Quebec, Que.
Union Bank of Canada			Quebec, Que.
Union Bank of Newfoundland		St. John's, Newfoundland,
Union Bank of Halifax			Halifax, N. S.
Western Bank of Canada			Oshawa.
Bank of Upper Canada		   Toronto,(bills redeemed about 75c.)



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