Coinage Designs of 1939

The design shows the Centre Block and Peace Tower of the Parliament Buildings at Ottawa with the inscription at the top "FIDE SUORUM REGNAT" -(The King reigns on the loyalty of His People).

In commemoration of the visit of their Majesties, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, to our Dominion of Canada in May and June, 1939, the Royal Canadian Mint was called upon to strike silver dollars. In this connection, the first meeting of the Commemorative Sub-committee was held in the office of the Chairman, Dr. W. C. Clark, Deputy Minister of Finance, on Saturday, the 19th November, 1938, for the purpose of selecting the most suitable design.

Mr. Emanuel Hahn, R.C.A., S.S.C., a distinguished Canadian artist and sculptor, carried out the wishes of the Commemorative Sub-committee in designing and modeling the reverse of the silver dollar.

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