Coinage Designs of 1964

We do hereby proclaim, direct and determine that the design of the proposed new silver dollar shall be as hereinafter set out: The design of the reverse impression to depict, conjoined within a circle, the French Fleur-de-lis, the Irish Shamrock, the Scottish Thistle and the English Rose surrounded by the names "CHARLOTTETOWN" and "QUEBEC"; the whole enclosed by the words "CANADA" above, "DOLLAR" below and the figures "1864" at the left and "1964" at the right, together with a graining upon the edge of the coin.

In 1962, The Honourable Donald M. Fleming, Minister of Finance, announced that the Government would hold a competition to secure a new design for a Canadian silver dollar. An invitation was extended to artists and sculptors in Canada to submit designs for such a new coin, which is to be issued in 1964, to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the 1864 Conferences of the Fathers of Confederation which led up to the Confederation of Canada in 1867.

A Board of Judges was appointed as follows: N. A. Parker, Master of the Mint (Chairman): K. W. Taylor, Deputy Minister of Finance; L. Rasminsky, Governor of the Bank of Canada; Dr. C. F. Comfort, Director of the National Gallery; Dr. W. Kaye Lamb, Dominion Archivist; Marc Cinq-Mars, Architect, Montreal, PQ; and H. G. Bugden, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. (A description of the new design and the name of the artist will be announced in the 1963 report.)

The Board of Judges, who were appointed to choose a reverse design for a dollar coin to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the 1864 Conferences of the Fathers of Confederation, selected the design submitted by Mr. Dinko Vodanovic of Montreal from amongst some 168 others.

Mr. Vodanovic was presented with the first prize of $1,000.00 by the Honourable George C. Nowlan who was then Minister of Finance.

Four other prizes of $250.00 each were awarded for the four designs receiving honourable mention.

The winners were:

H. D. Voss, Cooksville, Ontario.

Elmer Smutny, Montreal, PQ.

Augusts A. Kopmanis, Toronto, Ontario.

E. H. Ellwand, Deschenes, PQ.

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