Canadian War Medals
Minting Varieties 

"The 1939-1945 Star"
These medals were struck by the RCM on coin presses.

Struck Off Centre

This medal is stuck off centre about 5%.
These medals were not struck in a collar and the excess metal is typical. However in this case, design was missing and this piece was not processed any further.
Shows the faint ghost image of the outline
of the star with this "Unifaced" strike."



      Missing Design (overtrimmed)

It appears after these medals are struck, the excess metal is trimmed off. The star medal planchet weighs about 30 grams and the finished metal is about half that weight. In the case of the medal on the right, too much metal was trimmed as noted below the "3" in "1939, (and the "H" in "THE"). The final stage to form the top of the metal loop was not engaged.


Blank Star

Exhibits typical characteristics the same as a planchet used for coins prior to rimming. (Type I Planchet) This is the sharp side associated with being the top of the strip when it was punched out.
The darkness on the edges is due to the typical curving of the edge on the bottom of any type of planchet when punched out.
This star medal planchet weighs 31.5 gms and is 4.3 mm thick


Regular Type Star

This is a typical "THE 1939 - 1945 STAR" that weighs16.2 gms and is 3.7 mm thick at its highest point, the centre.

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