Proof Like Packaging Varieties

Coin of a different date- A 1986 set with a 1985 Five Cents.

Displaced coin- The Dime in this has been sealed in the same pouch as the Quarter

Coin Missing- This 1994 set has no Five Cent piece.

Coin Substituted- A 1965 set with an extra One Cent instead of the Five Cent.

Extra Coin- This 1986 set has two Twenty-Five Cent pieces.

Flipped Coin- In this 1977 set the Ten Cent is flipped over.

This 1990 set has a One Dollar Loon that was damaged in a previous attempt to seal the coin in a Proof Like set. The arrows point to the area that was damage by the press that seals the sets. The dimples(damage) on the coin are identical with those of the sealed plastic border that seperates the denominations in a Proof Like set.

Poly-wrap roll end- This set shows the end of an old roll of poly wrap, and the beginning of a
new roll joined by a piece of tape. Most unusual!.

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