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Since its opening in 1908, the Royal Canadian Mint has produced coinage and planchets for 89 countries.
(90 counting Canada)
Please Note - The last time this information was revised - March 9, 2014.

1. Albania 31. Grenada 61. Panama
2. Algeria 32. Guatemala 62. Papua New Guinea
3. Anguilla 33. Guyana 63. Paraguay
4. Antigua and Barbuda 34. Haiti 64. Philippines
5. Argentina 35. Honduras 65. Portugal
6. Australia 36. Hong Kong 66. St. Kitts and Nevis
7. Bahamas 37. Iceland 67. St. Lucia
8. Bangladesh 38. India 68. St. Vincent and the Grenadines
9. Barbados 39. Indonesia 69. Singapore
10. Bermuda 40. Iran 70. Slovakia
11. Bolivia 41. Iraq 71. Spain
12. Botswana 42. Isle of Man 72. Sri Lanka
13. Brazil 43. Israel 73. Syria
14. British Virgin Islands 44. Italy 74. Taiwan
15. Cayman Islands 45. Jamaica 75 Tanzania
16. Chile 46. Jordan 76. Thailand
17. China 47. Lebanon 77. Trinidad & Tobago
18. Colombia 48. Macau 78. Tunisia
19. Costa Rica 49. Madagascar 79. Turks & Caicos
20. Cuba 50. Malawi 80. Uganda
21. Curacao 51. Malaysia 81. Ukraine
22. Cyprus 52. Mexico 82. United Arab Emirates
23. Czech Republic 53. Montserrat 83. United Kingdom
24. Dominica 54. Nepal 84. United States of America
25. Dominican Republic 55. Netherlands Antilles 85. Uruguay
26. Ecuador 56. New Zealand 86. Venezuela
27. El Salvador 57. Newfoundland 87. Viet Nam
28. Ethiopia 58. Nicaragua 88. Yemen
29. Fiji 59. Norway 89. Zambia
30. Ghana 60. Oman


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Kavan Ratnatunga Wayne Roberts Don Sabo Robert Burns

This list is incomplete and contains unintentional errors and omissions.
I would be grateful to hear of any corrections, additions or comments.

Please direct all comments or any information to: Patrick

Mintage’s prior to 1980 are directly from RCM yearly reports.
Mintage’s after 1979 may be from the "Standard Catalog of World Coins" by Krause Publications.
Information is also taken from Weltmunzkatalog, 20th Century, by Günter Schön,
28th (1996/97) edition, published by "Battenberg" of Augsberg, Germany.
All weights and diameters listed here are unofficial.  All images by Patrick Glassford.
Some mintage figures here may be confusing as they are shared between two or more Mints.
Mintages may be further clarified as time goes on.

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