Strike Varieties

            Planchets are  placed into large overhead vibratory feeder hoppers and move along into a feed tube where mechanical fingers pick up, at each stroke, the bottom planchet from the tube. The planchet is placed on the bottom die, which at this point has sunk within the collar. The top die, following down, strikes the blow forcing metal to flow and fill all available space, thus taking the impressions of both dies as well as any marking which may be on the inside of the collar (reeding).

            The top die then rises and the bottom die follows, forcing the struck piece out of the collar. The feeding fingers advance, pushing the struck coin into a bin, and placing another planchet on to the bottom die.

             After the coins have been struck, they are passed over screens designed to remove abnormal size coins and proceed directly to telling machines. These telling machines are made in tandem, that is, there are actually two units per machine. In this manner coins are counted twice, to ensure correctness. All Canadian coinage for domestic purposes is currently issued in rolls. Prior to this, coinage was shipped in bags until about 1980. For a short period of time, about 1981 to 1983, coins where shipped out in "tubs".

Feed - These varieties occur when items other than the intended planchet are carried to the dies and struck. Also includes coins that fail to eject or leave the coining chamber.

 Collar - these strikes are the result of planchets not properly seated or centered to the collar, during strike. May involve the collar stuck to the lower die. A collar can jam in the lower position, halfway or upright, causing different effects such as strike clips.
(Collar position will also affect appearance of brockage related strikes).

Obstructed Die - These strikes occur when something impairs the dies from imparting its full design on planchets during strike.

Low pressure/Weak strike  

Hopper feeder for one cent

 Coin presses of different eras.

Circa 1940

Circa 1910 (above)

Coin examining

Counting through the years past.


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