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A few words about Spokane the city in which I live may be in order. It should first be understood that it is strictly the numismatic situation which pertains to it that is being written about and nothing else. The city offers peculiar advantages to the coin collector and coin student that are worth consideration.

Spokane has a population of over a quarter million, its environs being included, and therefore is a city of no remarkable size. On the other hand, neither is it a city that is exactly small. Being not too large, it allows fairly intimate acquaintance; and being not too small, it allows the study of Canadian currency in fairly large amounts. Further, it is quite typical of the border towns that have dealings with the Dominion.

Canadian coins and paper currency are common every place and in no small amount. Except for the dollars, all other denominations are found in circulation and many coins circulate for a long time before they finally encounter the banks for eventual return to Canada. It is easily possible to pick up fairly beautiful Canadian coins from circulation and collectors now and then make interesting finds in the rolls of bank money.

Because so much Canadian money is in evidence, Spokane has a fairly large number of collectors who are interested in Dominion coinage and they are increasing in number. All Spokane dealers sell Canadian coins because they are popular and they deserve to be.

From the remarks made, it will now be clear why Spokane has unusual numismatic opportunities and advantages. Even those who do not collect coins have in general a sharp awareness of Canadian currency. As I have previously observed, Spokane dealers have sold more than a few coins to Canadian collectors. This is no doubt something like carrying coals to Newcastle, but such is the situation.


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